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The most efficient way to recycle anything is to repurpose it.
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Easy Greenhouse

| Uncategorized | August 29, 2015

Remove and Reuse [.com] saw these great and inventive green houses that could certainly be the bi-product of some upcycled waste. Do you have something you have made out of some repurposed materials? Share with us and get others working to do the same!   Team R&R

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811 Princess Father’s Day Market!!

| Uncategorized | June 9, 2015

  Father Day @ 811 Princess = Art and Craft sold from local businesses. Pancakes and some seating to enjoy a bite to eat. Soft live morning music to get your day going and some community maintenance and upgrades happening all the while. Join us and support local + sustainable on fathers day!

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D.I.Y Tips from Local Food & Gardening Experts!

| Uncategorized | May 21, 2015

This Saturday(May 23) the Moss Street Market is featuring all kinds of gardening and local food experts who are willing to share their knowledge.  Lots going on with urban gardening, composting, and local food exhibits.  RemoveandReuse will be there with funky planter boxes and wooden serving trays.  Come down and check it all out!  1330 Fairfield Rd. […]

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Don’t throw it out! [tile the table]

| Uncategorized | May 5, 2015

Tile The Table Whether you’re eyeing a tiny oak nightstand, a big round plywood kitchen table, or a 4′ coffee table, ceramic mosaic is the creme de la creme method for covering a worn, torn tabletop that wouldn’t survive refinishing. Best of all you can incorporate broken tile pieces into the large design, as long […]

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Don’t throw it out!

| DIY, Ideas | February 15, 2015

  Looking for hundreds of ways to recycle, renew, reuse and upcycle! Check out this fantastic book by Lori Baird. We’ll be featuring some excerpts from the book over the coming month and at the end giving a copy away. So stay tuned to removeandreuse.com’s blog posts for interesting articles and book give away. Post […]

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Cat loves Repurposed scratching post!

| Uncategorized | January 28, 2015

Some carpet remnants, some plywood offcuts, half an old fencepost and… a new home for the cat.  She loves it, hopefully now she’ll stop scratching the chair.  I screwed the plywood pieces to either end of the fencepost and wrapped everything with some carpet leftovers.  I used an upholstery stapler to fasten the carpet but […]

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Upcoming Workshops with ‘Seeds of Change’

| Uncategorized | November 11, 2014

Some great workshops coming up with Kimiko at Seeds of Change.  Learn how to make household products from scratch!  Important dates are Nov. 12 and 30th.  Check out www.plantstheseed.com for details or keep reading. Seeds of Change is a local business based in Victoria that provides Do-it-Yourself workshops on various household products to members of the […]

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The League of Extraordinary Designers

| Uncategorized | November 4, 2014

November 14-18 @ 811 Princess Avenue   Interested in sustainable, beautiful, creative new designs and designers in Victoria BC? Then this fair is just the place to be from Nov.14-16 The inaugural year of this sure to be long standing fair, exposing the general public to a world of new ideas and people filled with […]

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Climate Action Week Starts @ BigWheelBurger!

| Uncategorized | November 4, 2014

Carbon neutral, fast food restaurant Big Wheel Burger is hosting an event that is being run by Global Action Exploratory students in conjunction with many area businesses including REMOVEANDREUSE.COM on Nov.8 at the restaurant from 11am – 5pm. Come be a part of raising awareness for climate action and see new ways to make a difference […]

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Last Oaklands Market of the Summer! Furniture on sale!

| Uncategorized | September 13, 2014

This coming Wednesday (Sept 17th) is the last Sunset Market of the summer at Oaklands Community Centre.  Remove&Reuse has really enjoyed being there with the Outdoor Livingroom and the furniture in the Beer Garden.  Make one last trip to the market and get some great deals on the remaining furniture stock!  2827 Belmont Ave. this […]

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